Chapter 3: Biggest basketball betting markets

Before betting on basketball, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the key betting markets, and what impact they might have on your betting.

Match Winner

The simplest and most popular betting market for basketball fans. The favourites in basketball tend to perform better compared to other sports.

For this reason, the odds are typically lower when betting on favourite, which could encourage bettors to explore other markets.


Bettors can back a team to win, whilst assigning them a virtual advantage or disadvantage. This helps increase the value of the bet and keeps fans engaged even during uneven match ups.

Total points bet

Punters can predict how many points will be scored across the game. Much like rugby, basketball games tend to be higher scoring.

Winning difference bet

Decide the difference in points between the 2 teams playing. Typically, the bookmakers will offer ranges that bettors can pick from.

Half time/full time

Try to predict which team will be winning at half time and or full time. Bettors can add more value to the odds by adding a score prediction too.

Read Chapter 4

Now that you understand the key betting markets of basketball, take a look at what to do before you begin.

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