Chapter 2: What are the biggest football events?

There are football events throughout the year for bettors to enjoy. This includes competitions between both clubs and countries.

  • The most popular events in football
  • The difference between league and tournament betting
  • How to bet on football events



The World Cup

The World Cup is arguably the biggest sporting event in the world. It takes place every 4 years as the whole world tunes in to watch the greatest players do battle and compete for the greatest achievement in football.

The viewing and betting figures have been steadily increasing year on year and don’t look like slowing down.

The European Championships

Similarly to the World Cup, the European Championships takes place every 4 years. The top teams in Europe face off to fight for the title.

The tournament lasts over a month on average, providing bettors with plenty of entertainment over the summer.

The Champions League

The pinnacle of European club football. The event brings Europe’s top clubs and players together as they compete for the biggest honour in European club football.

The Champions League features group stages, 2-legged elimination playoffs, and an all important final match, leaving viewers with no shortage of drama or entertainment.

Domestic Leagues

The majority of countries around the world will have their own domestic football league. The leagues offer viewers a different betting proposition compared to tournaments.

The leagues are typically longer, with more games and more betting opportunities. Because of this, It may be beneficial to plan your bets differently.

Transfer windows, injuries, and momentum can change a team’s odds overnight, so it’s important to do regular reviews of your bets and make sure your information is still up to date.



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It’s important to understand the variety of betting markets available, as well as certain actions that can be taken to help you best prepare to bet on football.

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