Chapter 2: What are the biggest horse racing events?

There are horse racing events throughout the year for bettors to enjoy. This includes flat and jump racing. 

  • The most popular events in horse racing
  • How to bet on flat and jump racing?
  • How to bet on horse racing events



Royal Ascot

An event as notorious for the day out as it is for the actual horse racing. Royal Ascot is an ideal betting event for both the casual and experienced horse racing bettor.

With 5 days of high-quality flat racing, Royal Ascot features some of the worlds best horses competing for the win.

The most famous feature of the course is its brutal uphill finish. The lowest to highest point measures it at a 73-foot climb.

It’s also important to note, Royal Ascot falls in the middle of a very busy summer season of horse racing. This can make the fast ground even more challenging, and stamina even more important.


Arguably the world’s biggest horse racing event. Cheltenham features almost 30 races between the highest ranked horses and jockeys.

There are 2 courses at Cheltenham, the Old Course and the New Course. They are both left-handed circuits that can be challenging for even the most experienced.

Similarly to Ascot, both courses at Cheltenham feature a testing uphill finish. Unlike Ascot though, Cheltenham is a jump racing event.

The hurdles on the Old Course and the New Course are different. The New Course tends to suit more flat bred horses as there are only 2 hurdles in the 3/4th of the final mile.

This difference in hurdles makes the old course more of a test of speed, whereas the new course is a test of stamina.

Breeders cup

With the exception of the US Triple Crown races, this is the most attended horse racing festival. The Breeders Cup is held in the United States, with races featuring mares, fillies and juveniles. In each race no more than 14 runners can participate.

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The event is held are various courses which can make preparation different for you as a punter. Take a look at how the horses have performed in that venue previously, or one with similar characteristics.

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It’s important to understand the variety of betting markets available, as well as certain actions that can be taken to help you best prepare to bet on horse racing.

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