Chapter 2: What are the biggest snooker events?

There are snooker events throughout the year for bettors to enjoy. This includes competitions with different structures and formats. 

  • The most popular events in snooker
  • Impact of tournament format on your bets
  • How to bet on snooker events



Triple Crown Series Snooker

The Triple Crown Series in snooker refers to winning the 3 most prestigious events in snooker. This includes the UK Championship, the World Championship and the invitational Masters.

 Only 11 players in history have managed to win all 3 and gained the right to wear the embroidered crown on their waistcoat.

The UK Championship

The UK Championship is one of the most prestigious events in snooker. It is also one of the Triple Crown Series events.

The tournament will feature 123 professionals and 5 amateur players as they battle it out on the felt.

The UK Championship is regarded as the 2nd most important event of the snooker calendar.

World Championship

The World Championship is snookers longest-running tournament, having first been held in 1927.

It features 32 players in a knock-out format. Play will typically take place over the course of 17 days and historically ends on the first Monday in May.

By the second round and quarterfinals, games will be a best of 25 frames with 3 sessions per match. The semi-finals feature 4 sessions and is a best of 33 frames.

Ultimately leading to the final which is a best of 35 frames.

The Masters

The Masters is an invitational snooker tournament contested by the worlds best 16 players. All rounds are best of 11 frames, with exception of the final match which is a best of 19.

On occasion the tournament will feature a wildcard entry.

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It’s important to understand the variety of betting markets available, as well as certain actions that can be taken to help you best prepare to bet on snooker.

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