Chapter 2: What are the biggest tennis events?

There are tennis events throughout the year for bettors to enjoy. This includes competitions between both clubs and countries. 

  • The most popular events in tennis
  • What is the difference between tour and grand slam betting?
  • How to bet on tennis events



Men's ATP Tour

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Tour is the global elite men’s tennis circuit. Tennis heavyweights from around the world compete throughout the year to secure the most victories.

Some of the key tennis events throughout the tour include, Grand Slams, ATP Finals, ATP Masters, Summer Olympics, ATP Tour 500 and ATP Tour 250.

All of these events lead tennis players to the Nitto ATP Finals. This is the season finale for tennis. The event features the top 8 tennis singles players and doubles teams as they compete to be crowned the ATP World number 1. This is arguably the biggest achievement in Tennis.

The ATP Challenge Tour is the second-tier event, followed by the ITF World Tennis Tour.

Women's WTA Tour

With more than 1650 players from over 85 nations, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Tour is one of the most prestigious sporting competitions.

Players will travel the world, competing for over 50 events and 4 Grand Slams in 6 different continents.

This all builds up to the WTA Finals. The top ranked players will fight it out to take home the title and be crowned number 1.

Australian Open

The Australian open dates back to 1905 and is one of the most iconic tennis events on the circuit. The bright blue courts offer excitement and drama for fans and punters alike.

Recent changes and developments to the court has only added to this. The new surfaces have increased the speed of games and the playing conditions have been likened to ‘playing on ice’

This environment will benefit big servers with powerful groundstrokes as they can generate more speed from the court.


The oldest and one of the most prestigious events in the tennis calendar. It is notoriously the only major tennis tournament to be played on grass.

The surface is unpredictably slippery at times. This can cause both the player and tennis ball to skid unexpectedly.

Players need quick reactions, pinpoint accuracy, and good resistance to be able to perform well at Wimbledon.

The French Open

The French Open is often referred to as the toughest tournament in the tennis calendar year. This is due to its challenging clay courts.

The French Open surfaces make the game slower and more tactical, with the ball bouncing slower but higher.

The red clay can turn an action packed rally into a slow, methodical game of chess, with players needing to outthink their opposition.

Players with strong spin or drop shots will typically benefit on clay, but even the best can struggle on the unforgiving surface.

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It’s important to understand the variety of betting markets available, as well as certain actions that can be taken to help you best prepare to bet on tennis.

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