Chapter 2: the biggest golf betting events

Before betting on golf, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the key betting events, and what impact they might have on your betting.

The Masters

The Masters is the first major played each season. The winner receives a green jacket, as well a majority share of a prize pot, both of which are highly sought after prizes in the game.

US Open

The second major each year is typically the Open Championship in the USA. The event is a big test for golfers, often referred to as one of the hardest majors.

Because of this, scores often run higher, and the competition is close between the leaders

British Open

The British open is the oldest existing major, well over 150 years old. Throughout its history the British Open has had some of the most famous and infamous winners and losers.

The course features a variety of humps, hollows and a preeminent wind which can offer a challenge to even the best golfers.

US PGA Championship

The US Professional Golfer Association (PGA) Championship is the final major of the year. The current course at Kiawah Island, has the 7th highest combined USGA Course and Slope rating, making it one of the hardest to play, and most entertaining to watch.

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Now that you understand the biggest events of golf, take a look at the key betting markets available to watch and bet on.

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