Chapter 5: Things to consider

Before betting on rugby union, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the rules of the game, and what impact they might have on your betting.

The golf course

Different courses will offer advantages to different golfers. Certain courses will require players to hit a ball further, which means players who can do so comfortably and accurately will excel. Whereas holes with a shorter hitting distance will benefit putters.

High amounts of slick and sloping greens can impact the outcome of a golf event and your bets. Players who can keep their heads in uncomfortable and unfavourable circumstances may find it easier at more challenging courses.

Certain courses will feature a high number of trees and challenging doglegs which can give even the most accurate golfers a real test.

Do some research into the courses itself and how certain players have performed there in the past. This will help you make a more informed decision when having a bet.

The weather

Even the most composed golfers will struggle under difficult weather circumstances. Different conditions can have a huge impact on how the days will play out.

Golfers will not typically play in heavy storms, however they will play in rain or conditions directly after rain. These type of conditions will negate a lot of the advantage that strong approach hitters tend to have.

Oppositely, on dryer surfaces, golfers with a weaker approach hit will have to take a safer shot which can leave them trying longer putts to score. It is also likely there will be more water hazards throughout the course as the water pools.

Windy conditions will add to the headache for both the golfer and the punter. It can be beneficial to do some research into which golfers can adjust well to strong winds, and which it typically throws off.

The majority of the time though, golf tournaments are played in more favourable conditions. In hot conditions a golfers fitness and stamina will have more of an impact. Look into how each player fares in the latter stages of tournaments.

Current form

The golf betting market isn’t as developed as other markets, which can mean the odds aren’t an accurate representation of who is the tournament favourite.

Casual bettors will often bet on household names such a Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, despite both having gone through extensive spells without winning.

Do your own research into who is currently performing well, regardless of their social following. Look into how they perform under different weather conditions, on different courses, and how they respond to adversity or hazards through a tournament.

The Key Takeaways

Betting on golf is done best when the punter pieces together the puzzle using research to help inform their decisions.

The multi-day tournament set up will benefit punters who can monitor their bets and adjust accordingly as the action unfolds.

These advantages can be furthered by having a strong understanding of what risk is, being able to manage a betting budget, and knowing how to reflect on your bets.

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