Managing Risk

Betting involves speculation on an unknown outcome. Understanding the risk versus the reward whether that be in financial return or in entertainment of the event is how you can get the most enjoyment from your betting. Putting in place some simple strategies allows you to mitigate the risks without removing the fun. 

What are the risks?

Solving the puzzle and placing a value on the outcome you expect is part of the fun when it comes to betting. You are spending your money on an event or game with a variety of different outcomes. 

That is why it is important to look at how you can control the risk to create an environment for you to enjoy betting.

How to manage risk

Research your bets

Research is fun. People enjoy challenging themselves to find the right answer. It’s an opportunity to pursue your interests and test yourself.  

Whether you’re learning something new or building your skills, the more information you have the better informed your decisions will be. 

Pick the right market

With such a variety of markets to bet on, it is important you choose wisely. Use your experience and research to focus on markets you are familiar with.

The knowledge you have of a market will enable you to make more informed decisions when placing a bet.

Use account limits

Using the account limits on offer is a great way to mitigate risks. If you have set yourself a budget, using a deposit limit will ensure you use that budget as you intended.

Your budget may change from month to month so it is important you are regularly reviewing your limits. The best players are the most responsible players and we encourage everyone to be proud to have these in place.

Long term goal

Betting should be viewed as a form of entertainment and something which enhances your spectator experience. 

Identifying what you want to achieve from betting will support that. If you are using betting to enhance you experience of a certain sport, focus on that and tools within your account can help you achieve this.

Further reading

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