Promoting a positive betting mindset to your audiences.

Supporting you in the delivery of a modern, progressive and engaging strategy to create a generation of responsible play through accountable behaviour.

Promoting the right behaviours

Telling players to gamble responsibly is not enough. Players need to be provided with more opportunities to see and experience what this looks and feels like. Operators are important in providing the right environment and the players are the ones who need to be informed and inspired to adopt the right behaviours. 
BettorMind is a pro industry but independent product that is totally focused on the player. We will help to create a community of people who enjoy betting and an environment where blended learning through experience, learning from others and formal development will create a greater relationship between players and betting.

A BettorMind for your key stakeholders

Independent Support

We are not linked to individual operators, regulators or groups. As a fully independent enterprise we are uniquely placed to offer informed and balanced opinion that acts as a positive enabler for every stakeholder involved in the system. Our platforms provide opportunities to learn about betting responsibly, as well as actively promoting the industries commitment to responsible play. Our content is positioned to be respectful of the industry and balanced towards the needs of their global customer base.

Positively Themed

Traditional content around responsible behaviour has been negatively themed and geared towards compliance. Our team create an inspiration to commit to a process of blended learning that creates the knowledge needed for a player to be empowered to make choices about their participation that are specific to them. Our belief is that communication that is focused on positive outcomes will have a greater impact on the audience and we are able to provide this via our core content which is supported by our four key campaigns to create and all year round focus.

Dedicated to Trust

Trust is a cornerstone value for any organisation. We recognize the challenges the industry face and have experience from inside and outside the gambling world that can be shared and learned from. We will actively champion responsible gambling initiatives and showcase these to all audiences to help the industry to reduce the trust deficit that exists. A strong CSR strategy will help your business attract talent, empower colleagues, strengthen partnerships, and build customer trust. We will work with you to create and drive corporate responsibility initiatives that will deepen relationships with colleagues, partners, communities, and fans.


Our partners

We work with benefactors of the gambling industry to promote responsible behaviour to their audience, Creating a bettor mindset together.

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