Chapter 1: Snooker Rules

Before betting on rugby union, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the rules of the game, and what impact they might have on your betting.

  • The rules of rugby union
  • How does scoring work in rugby union?
  • What is a scrum, muck and line out?

What is the aim of baseball?

The main aim of baseball is to have scored more runs than your opponent when the game ends. This is done by hitting the ball into different tactical locations when the baseball is pitched.

What are the rules of baseball?

Baseball is played between 2 teams of 9 players. There is a total of 9 innings in game. Each baseball team will have the chance to bat and field.

Both baseball teams will have a maximum of 3 ‘outs’ per innings. When they reach 3 outs, the innings end and the teams switch roles.

How to get out in baseball?

There are a variety of ways for a player to get out in baseball. The most common include:

Strike out: The batsmen misses the ball 3 times

Force out: The player is unable to make it to the base before the defensive player receives the ball.

Fly out: After being hit by the batter, the baseball is caught before it bounces.

Tag out: One of the defensive players tags the batter with the baseball while theyre running between bases.

How to score in baseball?

Batters score points in baseball by hitting the baseball and then travelling across 3 bases before coming back to ‘home plate’.

The fielding team attempt to prevent this by collecting the baseball and getting the batter out using the methods listed above.

Batters can hit a ‘homerun’ which results in a point. This can either be done by completing the circuit of bases in one play, or by hitting the ball out of the playing area.

Otherwise, batters can stop at any of the bases. Teams can score multiple points if the current batter, and any other batsmen already on bases, make it home during one play.

If there are batters on every base, this means that ‘bases are loaded’.

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Now that you understand the key rules and regulations of cricket, take a look at the variety of events available to watch and bet on.

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