Chapter 1: Horse Racing Rules

Before betting on horse racing, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the rules of the game, and what impact they might have on your betting.

  • What is flat and jumps racing?
  • What are the different kind of horse racing?
  • How to win at horse racing

How to win at horse racing

Horse racing is a sport that involves 2 or more horses, ridden by jockeys, racing on a course. The first one to complete the course is the winner.

What are the different types of horse racing?

Flat Racing: The horses race in a straight line or oval horse racing track.

Jump Racing: During the course the horses must jump over a series of hurdles or obstacles.

What are the different type of horse racing courses?

In the UK and Ireland alone there are 86 different horse racing courses. Each will have it’s own unique characteristics which present different challenges to horses. There are some key traits to take note of before having a bet.

Galloping course: A relatively flat course with wide turns. This will suit horses who have a long stride as it requires the horses to turn less.

Stiff course: A course which gradually rises. This type of course will benefit horses who have better stamina.

Direction: On certain courses the race is clockwise (right-handed) and others anti-clockwise (left-handed). A horse who jumps slightly left at their fences will be better suited to a left-handed course.

For flat races we must also consider whether the race includes a bend or not.

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Now that you understand the key rules and regulations of horse racing, take a look at the variety of events available to watch and bet on.

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