Chapter 1: Snooker Rules

Before betting on snooker, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the rules of the game, and what impact they might have on your betting. 

  • How do snooker balls have to be set up
  • What is the potting order in snooker?
  • How many points are colours worth in snooker?

What is the aim of snooker?

The main aim of snooker is to score more snooker ball points than your opponent. This can be done by hitting the white cue ball at the other coloured balls.

How many points are the colours worth in snooker?

A full set of snooker balls has 15 reds, 6 different colours and one white ball. The white ball is the only one players can legally hit. The 15 red balls are worth 1 point each when potted. The others are:

Yellow = 2 points

Green = 3 points

Brown = 4 points

Blue = 5 points

Pink = 6 points

Black = 7 points

How do snooker balls have to be set up?

The 15 red balls get placed in a triangle shape. The green, brown and yellow go on their baulk line across the semi-circle.

The blue ball goes in the middle of the table, with the pink resting midway between there and the top cushion.

The black ball must go on its spot in the centre of the table. This is 12 ¾ inches away from the top cushion.

How many frames do snooker players play?

Snooker players will compete in a ‘best of’ set number of frames, this can range anywhere from 3 up to 35.

What is the scoring and potting order in snooker?

If a snooker player pots a red ball they will earn 1 point. That player then nominates the colour for their next shot.

They then continue until a ball is missed, or a foul is committed. The players then switch turns. Fouls in snooker result in a minimum of 4 points for the opponent.

 The maximum score any snooker player can achieve is 147.

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Now that you understand the key rules and regulations of snooker, take a look at the variety of events available to watch and bet on.

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