Chapter 1: Tennis Rules

Before betting on tennis, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the rules of the game, and what impact they might have on your betting.

  • What are the rules of tennis
  • How does scoring work in tennis?
  • What is a deuce in tennis?

What is the aim of tennis?

The primary aim of tennis is to score enough points to win a game, then win enough games to gain a set, and finally gain enough sets to win the match.

What are the rules of tennis?

The majority of tennis tournaments will begin with a coin toss. This will decide which player serves first, and from which side of the court.

If the player fails to get the tennis ball into the correct position from their serve it results in a ‘second serve’.

The tennis player receiving the serve can position themselves wherever they’d like. This player must return the ball without it bouncing more than once.

This starts the ‘rally’ whereby the 2 tennis players send the ball back and forth until one is unable to return. This is how points are scored in tennis.

How does scoring work in tennis?

Tennis players score by hitting the ball so the opposition player is unable to return it. Points are awarded in the following way

  • Love = 0 points
  • 15 = 1 point
  • 30 = 2 points
  • 40 = 3 points

How do you win a tennis game?

Players need to win games. The games add up to win a set, which subsequently let the player win the entire tennis match.

Scoring 4 points wins the game, however often times games get to 4-4. This is known as ‘deuce’. After deuce, tennis players need to win by 2 clear points.

To win a set, players need to have won 6 games by a margin of at least 2 games. Typically, there is a maximum of 3 sets played in women’s tennis, and 5 in men’s tennis.

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Now that you understand the key rules and regulations of cricket, take a look at the variety of events available to watch and bet on.

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