Chapter 4 : Things to consider

Now you have a stronger understanding of how to bet on snooker, further develop your knowledge of the sport and research what factors can impact the game and your bets.

  • Impact of play styles on snooker games
  • How to decide tournament winners 
  • Figuring out which snooker player is best 

Look at form

Snooker has one of the most active and consistent calendars in the sporting world. With such regular events, it can be challenging for even the world’s best players to always be in good form.

In the summer months especially, the sports biggest names will typically take time off. This can present a big opportunity for the lower ranked players as they will have often continued to compete and train at smaller tournaments.

Compared to sports like football, upsets in snooker are far less common. However, they tend to be most likely in the first tournaments after the summer period.

With snooker available to watch and bet on most weeks, it can be beneficial to watch and learn from the qualifiers and minor events.

This will help you learn more about the sport itself, develop your betting strategy, and gain a better understanding of how certain players’ styles match up to each other.

Learn play styles

Each snooker player will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Studying these can help you understand which player has the best chance of winning, and why.

Some players are notoriously strong ‘breakbuilders’.  These players won’t pot the obvious ball but look to pot those that will open options further in the match.

Other styles can be heavily impacted by the tournament format. One of the reasons for Ronnie O’Sullivans historical dominance is his strength during shorter matches which had a 6-frame format and a shot clock.

With tournaments like the World Championship, which can have up 35-frame matches, players with better consistency will thrive. Take a look at each players previous performances in that tournament or ones with similar formats.

Consider the draw

Outright betting is one of the most popular markets in most sports, but especially so in snooker.

Before you pick your tournament winner make sure you consider the draw. The majority of snooker tournaments will have it mapped out before the first game starts.

This will allow you to figure out who each player is likely to have to face on their battle to the final.

Consider which player will have the easier route, and research how your picks have fared against their potential opponents in the past.




The Key Takeaway

With frequent events and its suitability for both pre-event and in-play betting, snooker can be a punters favourite sport.

Before having a bet, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the game and the behaviours that can help improve your overall betting experience.

This guide has outlined some of them, but being able to read odds, manage a betting budget, and reflect on your betting, will help you immensely along your betting journey. As will the articles below.

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