Chapter 4 : Things to consider

Now you have a stronger understanding of how to bet on tennis, further develop your knowledge of the sport and research what factors can impact the game and your bets.

  • Impact of the the playing surface on tennis
  • How serving influence games
  • Figuring out which tennis player is strongest

The surface

The tennis events throughout the year will be played on a variety of surfaces, each with a unique ability to impact the game and your bets. There are 3 main types of surfaces, hard courts, grass courts, and clay courts.

Hard courts typically provide the least shock factor. They offer a consistent bounce, strong footing for the players, and a fast but comfortable pace. This typically benefits the stronger player. It is important to note though, that the indoor hard courts are normally faster than the outdoor hard courts. This can favour the server slightly.

The fastest court type, grass courts, are beneficial for strong servers, with the ball skipping off the surface and staying low. With the increased pace, players fitness and athleticism is tested less as games tend to be shorter.

Finally, clay courts. Clay courts are slippery and slow which makes fitness and speed essential. The advantage that power hitters typically have on grass gets taken away here and offers far more potential for upsets.

Serving and returning

Similarly to the penalty-kick in football, the tee-off in golf, or the place kick in rugby, serving in tennis is one of the few times the outcome is primarily in the hands of the individual player.

Certain tennis players are historically very strong servers, and statistical analysis shows they typically secure the point after serving.

Oppositely, other tennis players have become regarded as strong returners. Able to return service effectively and immediately put their opponents under pressure.

This can depend heavily on factors such as the weather, the court and their opponent. As the game progresses, players will become increasingly fatigued, which could impact the outcome of their service and returning.

Head-to-head match ups

Players will typically face each other numerous times throughout their playing careers. The ATP/WTA website has data on players head-to-head records which can be extremely beneficial to you as a punter.

Certain styles of play will naturally counter others well, and may cause one player to gain an advantage over the other. Do some research before betting on the match winner and see how it’s gone historically, and why.

With replays and footage of events easily accessible for even the most causal fan, it’s easier than ever to analyse a players style and see where they gain advantages from.

Are they comfortable serving or returning? Do they prefer hitting forehand or backhand? Doing some additional research into your selected players may help you gain an advantage.

With so many events throughout the year, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each, with each court possessing its own unique characteristics.


The Key Takeaway

Tennis is a tactically enthralling, high paced, and entertaining game to watch and bet on. However, it’s important to have a good understand of the sport before having a wager.

With a variety of small factors having a huge impact on the overall outcome, the more research you can do will help you make as informed of a decision as possible.

It’s important to not just have a good understanding of the sport though. Knowing how to read odds, how to reflect on your bets, and how to manage a betting budget will all help you improve your overall betting experience.

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