Chapter 4 : Things to consider

Now you have a stronger understanding of how to bet on cricket, further develop your knowledge of the sport and research what factors can impact the game and your bets.

  • Impact of the weather on cricket
  • How does the pitch impact cricket games
  • Is the coin toss important in cricket?

The weather

Few sports will be impacted by the weather as much as cricket is.

Firstly, games will be postponed during rain, however, the lost time isn’t always made up for. This means the more rain there is, the less cricket is played. This can increase the odds of a draw or a low scoring result.

The sunsetting will also have a big impact on the outcome of a cricket game. In 2010 a rule was introduced which allows umpires to stop the game for ‘bad light’.

So if a match loses 3 hours to rain, they may not be able to make those innings up later in the day if the sun goes down.

Before having a bet on a cricket match, check the weather forecast and decide what impact the conditions are likely to have on the match and your bets.

The pitch

Different grass or soil types will have a big role in deciding the odds and the outcome of cricket games.

Certain pitches can be slow in nature. This will make batting easier and more predictable for both the players and punters.

Whereas harder pitches will help assist fast bowlers by adding bounce and pace to the throw. This will make it harder for batsmen to react and potentially lower the matches scoring.

Dryer surfaces help spin bowlers as the ball is able to rotate more than normal, without losing out due to the added resistance of wetter conditions.

The coin toss

By batting first in cricket, teams are able to bat on a brand new pitch with less risk of spin or inconsistent movement due to small bumps or holes.

The tam who bats last typically faces the added deterioration of the pitch. This usually helps the opposing bowler get more wickets.

However, there are occasions where losing the coin toss is beneficial. If the pitch is already in a questionable condition, it can be better to let the opponents bat first and test it out.

Cricket pitches are varying in size too. The smaller arenas lend themselves better to comebacks and batting second as players have less ground to make up.

Recent form

Like with any sport, looking into the recent performances of a player or team will help provide you with valuable information when having a bet.

Certain players or teams will struggle on specific grounds, but exceed on others. Looking at recent form will also show you if a team is good at making comebacks, or if they will continue faltering when things go wrong.


The Key Takeaway

With the sport of cricket evolving and adapting, it’s important your betting strategy does too. This guide has outlined some key information to help get you started, but there’s more you can do to help inform you further.

Knowing how to set a betting budget, how to read odds, and understanding risk management will all help you enjoy betting sustainably.

To keep developing your betting knowledge, check out the guides below.

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