Chapter 3: The most popular betting markets

Before betting on rugby union, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the rules of the game, and what impact they might have on your betting.

Match outcome/series winner

As with many sports, the most popular betting market in cricket is attempting to predict the overall match winner.

Similarly to rugby, draws are becoming increasingly unlikely due to the ever-increasing run rate.

Leader run scorer

There are 4 main ways to score in rugby union. ‘Grounding’ the rugby ball in the other teams try-line scores you 5 points. After that, teams have a chance to kick the ball into the goal for an additional 2 points.

Drop goals award teams 3 points. Penalties awarded because of foul play result in a kick at goal for 3 points. This is one of the more common ways of scoring at the elite level.

Number of boundaries

A growing market for cricket betting is the number of boundaries scored. This will include the number of 4s and or 6s scored by either a specific player or an entire team.

Top bowler

Punters predict which of the teams bowlers will get the most wickets.

First ball

Predict the outcome of the first ball. Will the attacking team get off to a strong start or will they be on the backfoot to begin with?

Read Chapter 4

Now that you understand the most popular betting markets take a look at what you should do before you begin.

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