Chapter 3: Most popular football betting markets

Before betting on football, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the most popular bets, and what impact they might have on your betting.

Match Bet

The simplest form of football betting. Match bets involve picking which team you believe will win and putting your wager on it.


An accumulator combines multiple different bets and places them into one combined bet. For your accumulator to win you need each individual bet to win.


Half time/full time

Rather than predicting the match winner, bettors can opt to predict who will be winning at half time and then who will have won at the end of the match.

Punters can up the challenge and the value of the bet by attempting to predict the exact score as well.

Goal scorer

Predict which player will score during the match. There are typically markets available for first half scorer, second half scorer, or anytime goal scorer.

Draw no bet

Bet on either of the teams to win and if match ends in a draw then your bet is voided and refunded. It’s important to note though, the extra caution will typically result in lower odds.

In-play betting

In-play betting involves betting on certain events to occur whilst the game is going on. Markets typically include, next goal-scorer, next corner, or next card.

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Now that you understand the key betting markets of football, now look at what to consider before you begin to bet.

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