The Importance of Reflection

So much can be gained from evaluating and reflecting on an event. Whether that be in work life or at home. Life can be understood more backwards and lived better going forwards. When it comes to betting we couldn’t agree more. Researching ahead of your bets is a great way of making more informed decisions and your actions can provide a lot of information for you to learn from after the event regardless of the outcome.

The Benefit of Reflection

The ability to learn from your actions and use that information to seek improvement is a powerful skill when participating in betting.

By reflecting on how the previous month has gone, you can put your results into perspective. This process will remove the chance of reacting emotionally to events when they happen and can allow you to make positive decisions in the future.

Where to Start?

Setting a Budget

At the end of each month it is important to look back at the budget you set and how effective it was.
  • Did you spend more than you intended and what may have caused that?
  • Did you find the budget allowed you to enjoy betting on your chosen events?
Your finances may change throughout the year and it is important this is reflected in your budget for betting.

Did the Tools you used Help?

Reviewing the effectiveness of the tools you have in place is a core positive behaviour and can help identify any changes you need to make.

  • Did you find that any limits set allowed you to spend your budget evenly across the day/week or month?
  • Did you make any changes to the limits you applied and if so why?

Account limits are there to support the enjoyment of your experience. Be sure to monitor them and make sure they are working effectively alongside your budget.

Did you Enjoy your Experience?

It’s great to back a winner. We don’t want that to be the only source of enjoyment. Betting is for fun and for entertainment and evaluating that gain as well as any financial one is another core behaviour.

  • Did betting on an event enhance your experience?
  • Talk to your friends about your betting, are they doing anything differently to you?
  • How have your strategies worked this month compare to previous months? 

Being able to look at all the factors will enable you to get the most enjoyment from your betting.


Further Reading

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