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Betting on sport is the most popular form of participationThe vast amount of televised sport and the many different markets available to play on are the key reasons for that. There are some essential behaviours you can do to enhance your experience, from research to managing your bankroll. When implemented, this will create the right environment for sustainable enjoyment.  

Sports betting takes skill

Betting on sports requires skill and that is something that can be developed like any skill based activity. Practice, studying and learning from others are all strongly advised activities.

People who love betting on sports are encouraged to build their knowledge of those events and use historical data to better inform their decisions. Your actions can impact the results.

You do not have to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination but having a basic understanding of the sport or game you are betting on gives you a good foundation to build from.

What are the most popular sports to bet on?

Football is the most watched sport in the world. With this massive audience it’s no surprise it is also the most bet on. The basics of football betting can be easy to understand, but it also has more niche markets. This can offer value for new and experienced bettors.

Recently, betting on tennis has grown in popularity. This can be attributed to the increased TV coverage and rise of in-play betting. Similarly to football, tennis can be an approachable market for new bettors.

Horse racing and betting go hand in hand for many. The process of choosing a race, doing your research, and picking the winner is both skilful and entertaining for bettors.

Once only popular in North America, TV coverage and live streaming has pushed the NFL to a global audience. The high number of markets available before and during a game make it popular with bettors.

The variety of games offers a market for all bettors. Virtual sports such as ‘FIFA’ and ‘NBA 2K’ are more accessible to traditional sports fans. Alternatively, esports such as ‘League of Legends’ or ‘Counter Strike’ offers markets for dedicated esports followers.

People have bet on boxing since the sport started. Having 2 similarly skilled fighters competing against each other makes it challenging to predict and thrilling to watch. The range of markets available can offer value to both casual consumers and experienced bettors. 

With events throughout the year, golf offers a good amount of betting opportunities. The challenge of building and adapting bets over multi-day tournaments is appealing to bettors.

Darts betting has boomed with increased television coverage. The lively atmosphere at events makes it an exciting sport to watch and bet on.

Similarly to horse racing, greyhound racing can be a test for bettors. Analysing research and choosing the winner can be challenging, but enjoyable.

Sports betting advice

Understand the odds

Being able to understand betting odds will also allow you to work out the probability your bet has of winning. This will then impact on the stakes you place.

Bankroll management

Setting a bankroll gives you control of your spending. Funds allocated to betting should be in line with your financial commitments and at a level you are comfortable with. 

Set a staking plan

A staking plan will help you control your bankroll. As a general rule, betting no more than 2-5% is a good starting point. 

Research your bets

Betting is a puzzle and the clues to solve it can be found in different places. Researching is important as it allows you to make the most informed decisions when placing a bet and significantly contributes to the enjoyment factor.  

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