Discipline and Balance 

Discipline and balance go hand in hand. Balance is achieved by consistently remaining disciplined. This applies to your financial and time commitments when it comes to betting. A BettorMind will empower you with the skills to be balanced in both those areas.

        Key Takeaways: 

  • Be disciplined and balanced with both your time and your finances.
  • Work out your disposable income and the time you have available to participate in betting.
  • Allocate your disposable income evenly across all social activities you want to be part of.
  • Use deposit limits and curfews to support your commitment to your social activities and make clever use of time outs when needed. 

Managing Finances

Financially there are many ways that you can embed discipline that will create the balance needed. Let’s be clear, betting and gaming is a hobby. An interest. A form of fun and entertainment. Before even thinking about using funds for that, you must take care of things that are more important.

Disposable Income

You must be aware of your disposable income. Once you have calculated the income you have available needed for essential things you then need to repeat the process for your nonessentials. You may have £100 available after you have accounted for your outgoings. This does not mean all of that should be spent on betting. You need to consider money you wish to spend on other things such as:

  • Social events
  • Family days out
  • Holidays

Any money you allocate to betting should be balanced with other things you wish to do with your disposable income.

Support Tools

Once you are aware of the funds you have available, having considered your outgoings and other forms of social activity you can then make effective use of the operator support tools that are available to you. These are there to support all players and BettorMind’s always have these active to suit the individual.

Deposit limits are great. If you have £50 available from your calculations, then simply set this amount and you have that to play for the period you specify. Our BettorMind advice is that when the resource stops, then you stop and having something in place to provide that discipline is essential. These tools can also be applied to other things which we will talk more about now.

Time Management

It isn’t just a financial thing when discussing discipline and balance. A BettorMind is to treat and manage your time in the same way you would do with your finances. Like we said earlier, you have things to commit to before you get to leisure time. Work, family tasks and commitments are all examples you can compare to the outgoings you have to take care of.

Just balancing these alone can be a challenge but hopefully you are able to find some quality time to spend on things that are there to be enjoyed. Like with your disposable income, you’ll have time spare, but it will need to be allocated to cover all the things that you want to do and be able to do so free of distraction. If betting is part of that, make sure it can be enjoyed without conflict to other things and to ensure that discipline is maintained.

Further reading

At certain times of the year different events can place demands on your finances and on your time. This is why it is important to always look ahead to what is coming up and make sure you have your finances and time set up in advance. For more information on managing this, take a look at some of our other articles.

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